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cPanel Features

Everything You’ll Need to Know


Business communication is important. Managing multiple email users, business specific email addresses, blocking spam, and creating filters can be a hassle. What cPanel has done is create easy to use tools that enables the website owner to control email from easy to use interfaces.

Domain Management

Customers running a server will for the most part need to create sub-domains, add domains to their hosting account, or park domains. cPanel makes these features available to our customers.

Logs and Metrics in cPanel

Know and track your website’s visitors and performance with Webalizer and other tools.


Securing a website and server can be a hassle for even the most seasoned professional. cPanel helps its users by providing the tools needed to help reduce the possibilites of attacks all the while giving the website owner secure access to their server.

Database Management

You can easily create databases and users through cPanel. You can use phpMyAdmin to search and edit your database tables.

Faster Scanning with SpamAssassin

Apache SpamAssassin’s performance is improving, including up to 60% faster message scanning, making email delivery even better.

File Management

With multiple domains, subdomains, email accounts, CMS platforms, and users who access the server via FTP; A website owner can quickly become overwhelmed with trying to manage the server. cPanel makes this easy with their File Management tools.

Advance Security

Configure password-protected directories, IP address denials, SSL/TLS and more. Protect your website with HotLink Protection and ModSecurity.

Quicker Installations

We are increasing the maximum number of download processes from one to four during installation, which provides drastically faster server installation times.

Providing You Reliable Uploads, Downloads, & Backups

We Give You the Stats You Need to Optimize User Experience

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities


Frequently Asked Questions

What is hosting?

Web hosting is generally used to publish websites on the internet. If you build a website, you need to upload it to a web hosting service, so that other people online can see it.

Our website hosting gives you space on a server connected to the internet. When you put files in this area, people can access them from the internet – so your website can be seen across the world.

We offer hosting packages which cater for all sorts of sites. Our servers are connected 24/7, and we monitor them round-the-clock, so the sites we host stay online day and night.

What can I do with web hosting?

We’ll resist saying the possibilities are endless but, er, they are pretty broad. With our hosting packages, you can publish whatever you like online (as long as it doesn’t contravene our terms and conditions).

Many people use our hosting for personal or hobby websites. And our hosting packages are ideal if you’re running a business and want to launch a website for it.

Or maybe you want to set up a blog or forum. We now offer database and scripting options so you can install blogging software like WordPress and forum packages too – allowing you to let the world know what you think or build and online community.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use web hosting?

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to get your site up and running. You’ll be able to manage your hosting account through the simple cpanel – control panel. It includes an online file manager which makes editing your website files easy.

Having said that, you will need some knowledge how websites work in order to build your website. It’ll also help if you know a bit about FTP (file transfer protocol), as that’s the easiest way to upload files to your website.

We’ll help you out if we can, and that’s why we’ve put loads of information about how to use web hosting on our support site. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution which lets you create a site without ever having to look at the code which powers it, you might be better off taking a look at Web Builder – coming soon. This hides all the technical aspects of building a website, and gives you everything you need to get going fast.

How long does it take to set up?

Most hosting accounts are set up immediately, thought it might take a couple of days for your domain name to point to your hosting.

How do I contact for help and support?

If you need assistance, the first thing to do is to head on over to our support site. We’ve published loads of information about using hosting there, so if you’ve run into a common problem there should be a solution to it.

You can get in touch with us through the support site too (use the Submit Ticket option)

Can you help me move my website across from another provider?

We do not offer any sort of transfer service to help you move your files across, and we cannot advise on other web hosting services. However, there is lots of help available on our support site, so that’s the best place to look if you need a hand.

Our hosting packages do use software that’s considered standard across the industry, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to move a site over if your current host uses similar systems.

How secure is malaysia hosting?

We do everything we can to keep our systems safe from hacking, crashes, hardware failures and physical damage. All servers are located in our own highly secure, IBM-built data center which is located in the Malaysia.

Access to servers is tightly controlled and limited to essential personnel (if you’re not on the list, you don’t get in). In normal operation, power is drawn from the power grid but we operate uninterruptible supplies and have on-site generators, in case the external supply fails.

We’ve put everything safe behind a secure firewall with multiple layers of protection. We also operate regular backups and store copies of the data off site.

Can I buy web hosting without a domain name?

No. Every hosting package needs to be associated with a domain name to work. You can register a domain name when you buy your hosting package. Or if you already own the domain you want to use, you can transfer it across to us from your current supplier.

Please note, you must transfer or point the domain to us or and allow the transfer to complete before purchasing a hosting package.

I already own a domain name. Can I use it with my hosting?

Probably. If the domain name is already registered with, and you’re not currently using it with another one of our services, you can add it to your hosting package when you order.

If your domain is hosted with another company, you can probably transfer it to us to use with our services. However, please check with your current domain provider, as some companies won’t let you do this.

If you’re planning to transfer in a domain to use with your new hosting, you need to transfer the domain first, and let the transfer complete before you buy the hosting package.

You can also point your domain to use with your new hosting, all you need to do is update the domain name DNS to our DNS in your hosting package. 

What's the data limit and what happens if I use it up?

The data limit is the amount of bandwidth your website can use up each month. Bandwidth is used each time someone views your site, so high-traffic sites generally use up more.

If you exceed the data limit in any given month, you can buy additional bandwidth at a rate of RM10 per GB. If you hit the limit, we’ll email to explain how to increase it.

If you find you are frequently exceeding your data limit, it may be more cost-effective to upgrade your hosting package. You’ll be able to do this through your account billing control panel too.

Which operating system should I choose?

Our hosting packages are available with either Linux and Windows(coming soon). These are the operating systems that take care of basic functions in your hosting. Each has its advantages.

You do not need to choose the same operating system that runs on your home or business computers. Instead, the system you choose should depend on what you want on your website.

Most of our customers opt for Linux hosting, and if you’re not sure which you need this is a safe bet. But make sure you choose Windows hosting if you know your website is going to use Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET or Microsoft SQL.

Should I back up the files in my hosting package?

Although we take as many precautions as we can to keep your data safe, we do recommend you keep a backup of your site too. Backups don’t just protect you against a failure of our systems (unlikely), but also against problems caused by any changes you make.

Please see our support site for help with backups.

Can I install my own applications?

You cannot install any applications that require root or administrator-level access. This is because our web hosting is built on a shared platform. Each physical server is shared between several customers, so we cannot give anyone overall control of it.

However, our web hosting packages do include a number of preinstalled applications and scripting languages. You can choose between packages depending on how many features you need.

Is there a minimum contract for a hosting account?

You can choose how long you want to commit for – from as little as six months up to two years! We do offer discounts when you buy for longer – it’s our way of saying thanks for your business.

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Accepted Payment Methods

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