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Kenapa Saya Perlu Web Hosting?

Istilah "hosting" digunakan dalam beberapa konteks, dalam setiap yang mempunyai erti yang sedikit berbeza:

Dalam spesifikasi protokol Internet, istilah "hosting" ertinya mana-mana komputer yang mempunyai akses dua hala penuh ke komputer lain di Internet.


Bagi syarikat-syarikat atau individu yang mempunyai laman web, hosting yang merupakan komputer dengan pelayan Web yang berfungsi halaman untuk satu atau lebih laman web. hosting juga boleh menjadi syarikat yang menyediakan perkhidmatan itu, yang dikenali sebagai hosting.

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How to Deliver a Marketing Message On Your Website

Here’s a question for you? What do you need to be successful? What will it take for you to climb out of that deep, dark, dungeon of despair and mediocrity? What are you willing to do to be the best you can be?

Look around. Things are nuts, the economy stinks, politicians are goofy, people are addicted to cell phones, businesses are obsessed with Twitter and Google and Facebook; everything is made in China, and it’s all CRAP! You’re lucky if anything you buy works the way its suppose to and god help you if you complain. You’ll spend hours on the phone with some clown who doesn’t know, doesn’t care, and doesn’t get paid to really help you. They are the purveyors of frustration and creators of cynicism. Athletes pretentiously thank God for their base hits and million dollar contracts, and we watch in astonishment. Trust me, God doesn’t give a damn about who wins the next Nascar race, or that you get an even bigger flat screen plasma for your birthday. He’s got bigger fish to fry like global warming, child starvation, and deadly pandemics. You’re on your own fella. So get use to it.

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Designing a Website

Many site owners make the mistake of building a website without laying out a clear plan for their online business. This is a sure set-up for failure. There are 1000s of abandoned sites on the web due to lack of careful planning. Before designing your website you should ask yourself some questions to avoid making mistakes down the road.

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Tujuh sebab mengapa bisnes anda memerlukan laman web

Beza antara bisnes yang memiliki laman web dan bisnes tanpa laman web ialah: Bisnes yang memiliki laman web meningkat lima kali ganda berbanding bisnes tanpa laman web.
Yang manakah pilihan anda?

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Generating Revenue from your Website

Even if you missed the dot-com boom, it does not mean that the gravy train has totally passed you by. Here are some ways you can make your Web site pay for itself and maybe even bring you a bit of extra money as well.
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Why do I need a website?

Many people now search for their products, services and information entirely online. Businesses, whatever size, without a website may as well not exist as far as these people are concerned.

Just a few of the reasons why your business or organisation, however small, can benefit from having a professional web presence.

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