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Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Overview of CDP

We are rolling out R1 Soft Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) onto all of our Linux servers, a high performance disk-based backup software application. Malaysia Hosting will backup your website every 8-12 hours to another server, plus every night to a separate location. CDP can complete virtual full backups in only a matter minutes, so you can be sure that your website is safe with us.

Key Features of CDP

  • CDP is included free in all of our web hosting packages
  • We backup your data every 8-12 hours, so we'll always have a recent backup of your site
  • Backups are kept for 3 days, providing 12 backup archives of your data
  • CDP backs up at disk sector level, instead of the tradition file level, providing you with superior reliability
  • Individual files, complete websites, or entire severs can be rapidly restored
  • You can access your backups and browse and restore files at anytime from cPanel*
  • CDP offers bare-metal disaster recovery, so entire servers can be restored in only a couple of hours
  • Your data is continuously encrypted during network transmission and while in storage

Want to learn more about R1 Soft Continuous Data Protection®?  Just visit R1 Soft's website for more information!

*You cannot restore or backup your own databases via the cPanel CDP interface, but a member of the Malaysia Hosting staff will gladly do this for you at your request.